Cramming Essentials

When it comes to exams, it’s very important to know what works for you. And even if you have the smartest tutor in the world, if you don’t have the study environment that is the most conductive to your studying, nothing will ever go inside your head!

For me, my room doesn’t seem to be the best study environment for me, so I usually go out to the library or a silent study area and work with my fellow comrades. Seeing other people work hard motivates me to do the same. But before I go to my little studiverse, I bring along a list of things with me, and here it is:


  • Coffee. I usually grab a latte on the way so I won’t fall asleep in the midst of studying. Studying can be boring but do something to keep yourself awake!
  • Water. Just in case you want something refreshing, and clear that coffee-breath.


  • Fruits. They are healthy and easy to carry. A banana can last you a good 3-4 hours. Apple slices and grapes are good choices too.
  • Cookies. Yes, nothing tastes better than a chocolate chip cookie. But watch it, before you know it, you’ll be finished with that cookie, so smooth your consumption!
  • Almonds (or nuts of any sort). Almonds are high in protein. And when you’re bored, eating something small and crunchy while not gaining weight is definitely the way to go.

Electronic devices

  • iPod. It’s a good way to relax by listening to the music while you’re taking breaks. It refreshes your mind. And if you’re the type of person who likes to listen to the music while studying, try pure music instead of songs. Because songs have lyrics, they interfere with memory consolidation, while pure music can act as background noise without the verbal interruption.
  • Laptop. Well I bring it unless I really need to do things on my laptop. Laptop distracts me a lot more than you think. What I do is I leave my charger at home so I’ll be careful with how long I’m using it for. Actually, the laptop isn’t that all distracting, it’s the fabulous internet that is distracting and needs to be destroyed.
  • Cellphone. Put your cellphone on silent (DUH!), and leave it in your bag! Don’t check it every 10 minutes for a text or a missed call. That will only distract you even more.

Last but not least, don’t forget to pack all your notes and some extra paper for studying. You don’t want to be settled down in a comfy place just to realize that you forgot your lecture slides or personal notes and get all frustrated!

Happy Studying!


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