Inspiration: Future Home

Day-dreaming about my future life has always been one of my fondest hobbies. And particularly, I love to think about how I would decorate my future apartment (yes, I dream about living in an apartment, not a house). From Victorian style to modern minimalism, I’ve considered all the possibilities. I once fantasized about living in Paris, meeting passionate sexy French boys in the streets of the most romantic country in the whole universe. But then I heard that Paris had the most depressed people in the world, so I pretty much gave up the idea… Yet again, it wouldn’t hurt to live there for a few weeks, would it?

Of course, there has to be a huge book shelf and a lot of plants.

I also like patterns. So, wallpaper?

And perhaps, some photo frames, pictures on the wall so I can walk down memory lane whenever I want.

So yes, my apartment will probably look like this –

How do you want your future home to look like? Themes? Patterns? Fabric?


One thought on “Inspiration: Future Home

  1. Your apartment’s going to look like that? Dude… only old grannies decorate their walls like that. You’re really maturing fast, haha.

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