The Blind Side

I got your back

The Blind Side first struck me as a sports movie. And if it weren’t for Sandra Bullock, honestly, I couldn’t care less. But very often, I find myself surprised by the thing that interests me the least. The Blind Side is of one example.

Although Quinton Aaron, the actor who plays Michael Oher in the movie, isn’t attractive (by attractive i mean handsome-good-looking attractive) to begin with, it is also because of his commonness that I find him easy to relate to. Being a black kid in the conservative South isn’t exactly easy, and Aaron has done a great job in portraying that in his character. The timid, shy, innocent black kid who is not going to give in to drugs or get involved in gang fights sure gives audience a moment to think about all the racism and unfortunate events that are bestowed upon the “coloured” kids.

On the other hand, Sandra Bullock, as Leigh Ann Tuohy, has continued to deliver great performances. Despite her orangey hair and the weird angles that make her face look stiff, she looks amazingly confident and charming in the movie. She has a great wardrobe I must say. Her outfits in the movie are very appropriate and obviously well-chosen. The style is very elegant and at times reminds me of housewives from The Real Housewives tv show (you know, the rich-housewives style). I suppose these all add up to her being the “odd one out ” among her social companions, the other wealthy housewives who think it’s crazy to adopt a black kid or even think of adopting one for that matter. This nicely echoes back to Michael Oher being the “odd one out” in the school with all the other white kids. Being “odd” might mean sticking out and not being accepted, but is that necessarily wrong? Maybe not. In Michael Oher’s case, it means achieving greater things.

The music that is played when the credits roll is definitely a good wrap-up for the movie. The song, Chances, is sung by Five for Fighting and will surely leave the audience with a good warm feeling inside. What are the chances that one can escape that vicious cycle of being poor, join the gangs, do drugs and get locked up in prison? Maybe you can never be able to leave. Maybe you can. It all depends on whether you are lucky enough to meet someone who appreciates you for who you are; someone who would actually turn around in the cold streets and offer you a roof over your head; someone who would let you sleep on their $10,000 couch and later on give you more than just a bed.

Chances are all I need

Not everyone can be as lucky as Big Mike. Not everyone can be as generous as Leigh Anne.

Not everyone has someone who’s got their back.


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