Umbrellas, on call!


  • Watching “How I Met Your Mother“. It’s an awesome show. I love Jason Segel (the guy from Forgetting Sarah Marshall). He was a screenwriter too did you know that?
  • Completely caught up with “The Big Bang Theory“. Geeks are absolutely adorable, esp Jim Parsons. He’s my new obsession now.
  • Came across this, which is pretty scary. Come on, there are plenty of other females for you to have sex with you psycho!
  • Watched “The Book of Eli”. It was a huge disappointment. Word of advice, don’t watch it.
  • Video/song treat, enjoy! I Am by Mary J.Blige.
  • Jumping onto the What I Wore Today bandwagon! Yay for drawings. I really need a creative outlet. Was never great in art class but hey, everyone and anyone can draw. I’m sure I’ll get better at it. I actually think it’s a great idea to motivate me to choose my outfits wisely, because it will be going down in history. And next year when I look back to this year today, I’d know how I dressed on the very same day. Hehe, neat eh?
  • Developing a new form of respect for Liam Neeson after (finally!) watching the Schindler’s List. He’s a great (ENGLISH!) actor. Can’t wait for his new movies – Clash of the Titans, The A-Team.
  • Have a good weekend everyone!


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